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ISIS wants to participate in the mother’s day war.

Apparently, there’s a mother’s day poster war going on Facebook and Twitter between NoGarlicNoOnions, Kafa, Himaya, DSC and Beirut Food. The original poster was posted by Anthony Rahayel (the blogger behind NoGarlicNoOnions). Honestly, I am siding for him, as the poster is cute and all of us can relate to that wooden spatula.

IMG_7500IMG_7502 IMG_7501kafas10170777_10153124493132567_5809400214799689776_n

Da3esh (or pretentiously ISIS) wanted to participate too and they published a poster of their own. check it out.



Our own Lebanese ‘Dress’ Dilemma

If Kanye west or his wifey, Kim, thought that the Lebanese cannot have a dress dilemma of their own, maybe they should think again. Last year, Haifa Wehbe’s dress in Star Academy started not only a buzz, but a hurricane, on the social media. Haifaholics (Haifa Alcoholic Fans) are still confused to this moment if her buttocks were a ‘V’ or a ‘M’. It’s pretty confusing to say the least.


Abla Fahita will be in Beirut this Saturday!

The Lebanese Association for Plastic Arts, “Ashkal Alwan” is a non-profit organization based in Jisr el Wati, Beirut.  They are organizing a forum on Arabic language and Social media on February 26, 27 and 28. You can check the full schedule here.


On February 28, they are hosting the famous Egyptian puppet, “Abla Fahita” for a show at 8:30 P.M. Abla Fahita is one my favorite satirical youtube/tv characters. She had a “Fawazir” show last Ramadan, as well as she appeared with the renowned Bassem Youssef (Link here), and had a commercial on TV for Vodafone Egypt (link here). Probably, you recognize her from the amazing “Ma yestahloushi” song by the beloved Hassan Shafei. (Youtube video below). At some point, she was accused to be politically affiliated with the Muslim Brothehood in Egypt.

Here’s a compilation of some of her funny tweets, videos and her Music video with Shafei.

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9 Funniest/Wittiest tweets about Nutella new billboards

Nutella’s christian and Muslim billboards (pictures and post on BlogBaladi) created some buzz on the social media for the past couple of days. While I find it cute to use all kinds of Lebanese names, I don’t think separating the billboards according to religion is quite a good idea. Anywho, I always look at the half full side of the cup, bringing you the 9 funniest/wittiest tweets and Instagram photos about it.

1. He’ll be forever alone.


2. He has a valid point.


3. Right on Gino!


4. They say you are what you eat, well #jeSuisNutella


5. and “Ouwwet”, “3awniyi”, “7araké”, “Kataeb”, etc… 


6. Anyone remembers Nader Sabbagh?


7. OH I NEED THIS, I CAN THINK OF MANY NAMES (via AlAnhar, check it it’s hilarious)


8. With that title, it will go viral in no time.


9. Sad truth Epic tweet of @menGherCharles


11 types of facebook commenters on Mia Khalifa’s photos

While I was working on a research paper the other day and checking scientific articles on Facebook, I came across Mia Khalifa’s profile photos BY MISTAKE. I guess everyone else came across Mia’s profile by mistake, just like me.  Ten minutes later, I found myself sipping a hot cocoa, and reading the few thousands comments on her pics. And here are 11 types of commenters I have stumbled upon.

WARNING: this post contains genitalia. 

1- The haters (and busterds) of course who happen to support ISIS


2- The Priest ya shar….


3- The micro-penis Lebanese “Fa7el”


4- The guy who supports local products


5- The confused guy


6- The gays of course


7- And the lesbians.


8- The Lebanese racist


9- the Teenage fan who just discovered masturbation


10- The Najwa Karam


11- THIS


10 reasons to follow Najwa Karam on Twitter

1. Of course, she tweets some poetry.


2. However, she also tweets in Arabic/English Chatting dialect.


3. Because it’s easier than writing proper Arabic. Oh look, is that a woman breastfeeding?


4. She has SnapChat and wants us to send more pics? what kind of pics you naughty naughty Najwa?


5. She advertises her new singles using literal Google images.


6. She’s also a pacifier and doesn’t like to get trashy with the haters.


7. And she’s not corrupt like our government.


8. Oh hey, she speaks with a southern accent. Isteeeez.


9. While looking like Channing Tatum. HOT…


10. Ok Bye for now.


and thank you Cafématik for your 20,000 LL Tannourine small water bottle.