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“Venus” is a must watch.

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of seeing Jack Maroun’s latest play, “Venus”.  The play is originally written by David Ives and recently adapted by Lina Khoury and Gabrielle Yammine. 

The set is simple and almost looks like an industrial space with a desk and a love seat. But what complements the set is the actors duo, Rita Hayek and Badih Abou Chakra. The script is witty and hilarious, yet very deep and leave you thinking the whole time. Rita and Badih deliver an impeccable performance that never fails to amaze you for almost an hour and half.

Venus is playing at Monot Theater daily, except Mondays, at 8:30 PM. (if I’m not mistaken). Tickets can be purchased at Virgin Megastores for 40,000 and 60,000 LL.




Joe Ashkar’s “Al Fustan” is the Ashrafieh version of “Lamma Bdommik 3a Sdéré” and it’s nice!

Joe Ashkar has released his latest song “Al Fustan” over 3 months ago. Personally, I found that the song is clearly the Ashrafieh version of Hussein el Dik’s “Lamma Bdommik 3a sdéré” with similar tunes and overall feel.

That being said, I quite love the song and got hooked on it, specially that Joe (and the team behind the song) succeeded to create a new identity for it.  “Al Fustan” got a cute music video as well, shot in Romania, by director Joe Bou Eid.

MawtouraMeter: 5.5 out of 7.


Mawtoura apologizes to “Peter Semaan” and “Yasmina”.


As you might have noticed, the new real tv show, “The sisters”, started airing on LBC (the Khaliji one). Yes, I have watched the first 10 minutes, and yes it’s crap as many people and bloggers hinted at.

The three sisters are spoiled brats who struggle to complete one sentence without a single mistake. And no, the Kardashians have more going on in their lives than them. Anyway, the scenes are overly staged and fake to a point that you find Peter Semaan’s acting natural and realize “Yasmina” should have won the Emmy’s.

Peter, and Yasmina, I’m so sorry for every time I criticized your performances or your shows.

MawtouraMeter: 2 out of 7.


Here’s the youtube video of the first episode for those who have too much time on their hands.

“الاغنية الموتورة: “عندو ذقن

I’m recently hooked on this new song by Hani Assaf about the Arab “spring”. The music is really great, but what makes it pop is the lyrics (below). Check out the music video here. You might need to watch it few times to notice all the hidden details 🙂


حبيبي اللي بحبو كان وجو حلو ولا أطيب من قلبو كل شي إلي إلو

فجأة صار عندو دقن وعاملّي من حالو شأن

شو معبّق من هالربيع نازل فينا حقن

زعّل منّي ناس وقرّف يمكن يوقع قد ما طرّف اشتقتلّو شو رح بتصرّف حتى ابقى إلو

حبيبي بيصوم بيقطع حبيبي بيصلي بيركع انشالله ينحلقلو ويرجع صافي ووجّو حلو

الله يهديك

انت ما تهدي الله

خلّي الله اللي يهديك

Good Job!

Carole Samaha’s new video in few words.

Few days ago, Carole Samaha released a new music video featuring her new song entitled “Al sharq el 3azim” (The great Orient /middle east). The song, which I did not personally like at all, supposedly tackles the recent situation of the Middle East.

The music video, however, is inspired by “Lord of the rings” and “Games of Thrones”, with an added effect from “300”. I really don’t get why would someone choose such a theme for a music video that targets the Middle East situation.

Carole’s two main looks reminded me of “Saruman” from Lord of the Rings, and “Khal Drogo” in Games of thrones.drogodrogo2


On a scale from “Syrian Commercial” to “Fekra masru2a akid”, I give this VC a 3/7 (Bala Ta3mé).