Lebanese Influencers Crisis: no more regular people left to influence.

In a shocking statement, Instagram officials have declared an influencers crisis in Lebanon. “90% of Lebanese Instagram accounts are now business profiles for personal trainers, life coaches, fashionistas, bloggers, vloggers, influencers, and digital media trainers“, said Kevin Systrom, CEO and co-founder of Instagram. The remaining 10% of the accounts are now occupied by regular people who have average bodies and looks, with a bad taste in clothing and restaurant choices. This decline has left influencers with no one to influence now.


I am barely getting 100 likes per post. It’s frightening to see that all your hard work is not influencing anyone, Sara, a fashionista from Beirut, who takes photos of herself shopping at Zara and Bershka and posts them to her Instagram page, has told Mawtoura.


Johny, a travel and food blogger who photoshops and saturates all his photos to a point where Lebanon looks like Pandora from Avatar, has also complained about the crisis: “Hotels stopped contacting me and I am not getting free food anymore. I am really afraid I would starve in few weeks.


Ali, a fitness influencer, had more than 20K followers on Instagram, who eagerly waited his daily selfies at the gym and motivational quotes. “No one cares about my Insta stories anymore. Also, I am running out of google quotes“, he said. Ali is thinking about de-activating his account but he’s worried that his followers might be shocked and depressed later.




  1. Dima istambouli

    Hahaha, I love this article… Just amazing to find someone that finally highlight this crisis… Yes unfortunately this is the case in our dear Lebanon…
    I do have my insta account, I am a real influencer, I coach for free, I do not promote anything and people are following because I believe that we need to lead a happy life from within.
    Yalla check my account @the_mindful_haven

    • Nadim S

      Haha amazing! Here we have an article criticizing the massive amount of influencers in Lebanon and one of the only 2 comments is of an influencer promoting his account! Claiming of course that he is a *real* influencer.!

      • Dima istambouli

        Yes Nadim, I am promoting myself here to point out that not all influences are seeking profit, and although people might have a lot of followers they should not be called influences as influencing is to make a difference in loves of people unconditionally.. My account is promoting the idea that we can do a difference without asking for anything in return, not fame nor financial profit.

  2. Majid

    I cannot believe that someone calls him/herself influencer.
    You are blowing my mind cos if you’re not doin it for money then you’re definately trying to “influence” so that u can fell better about yourself not for some altruiste objective of spreading the word of love.
    If u really wanna help go and meet real people and help.
    Countless numbers need help.
    Now if you’ll excuse me: cut the crap!!
    Influencers hehehe

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