7 types of commenters on my latest satirical post

Yesterday, I posted this “satirical” photo on my page to voice a message through a joke about some kids nowadays who can’t express themselves in Arabic language as their parents only communicate with them in French and/or English.


The post was bombarded with comments that were hilarious, to say the least. And here are the 7 types of comments and commenters I have received.

1.The believers.

If you have never visited the page before, consider yourself forgiven (to some extent). But if you have, may God be with you.


2. The Sherlock Holmes who revealed it was photoshopped

First of all, thanks guys. The photo was edited on a mobile app and not on photoshop. Thinking it’s photoshop is an honor.


3. The advanced Sherlock Holmes.

Using google photos and shit.


4. The supporters of the beating mom.


5. The women’s rights activists.


6. The one who thinks I’m the CNN.

For God’s sake, my name is Mawtoura and I have a cartoon logo!


7. The people who actually get it. (Thanks)




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