10 Lebanese you need to block on Facebook

1- The forever-bride.

She got married in 2006 but she still posts weekly photos from her wedding and cocktail party, either laying on the grass with her gigantic dress or flying on “you raise me up” during her first dance. Block.


2- The “loving” couple.

Ok, they might not be posting photos from their wedding, but they share their love with the public.  People hiding behind statuses like “Martouti habibti” and “best husband everrrr” need to be blocked.


3- The priest/sheikh

Their timeline is basically an album for virgin Mary photos, religious quotes from the Quran, or prayers with a request to comment “sub7an Allah” or something bad will happen to you. Nope.


4- The philosopher.

His statuses are at least 1500 words. You need to keep clicking on “show more” to read the entire thing which is basically ranting about every single matter in the society. Block.


5- The athlete.

We get it. He goes to the gym every single day, and he has 12-pack abs. He always lifts his shirt when he’s taking a gym selfie with hashtags like #WorkHard and #NoPainNoGain. Honey, we all know you’re taking steroids. Block.


6-The drama queen

When all your statuses are half-sentences like “Ya rab”, “ufft”, “pray for me”, kindly note that you’re a big attention whore, seeking comments and likes, and you need to be blocked ASAP. Ain’t nobody got time for that.


7- The “quote” center

These users insert quotes on any damn photo they upload. Expect to find a quote on a regular bedroom selfie that goes like “In order to succeed, we must first believe that we can.” or another one on a tree pic that says “Failure will never overtake me if my determination to succeed is strong enough“. Why?


8- The “500 same photo with the same people from the same event last night” girl.

Need to say more? Block.


9-The whorefie (selfie whore)

Their day starts with a selfie in the car driving to work, another while they’re stuck in traffic, followed by another one bored at work, followed by a TGIF selfie and another one at the pub few hours later. Have you ever heard about Snapchat? Go there please.


10- Immak.

Block her w bala waja3 ras.


I’m sure I missed a few  categories. Let us know which ones to add them!

P.S. This post is the Lebanese version of an Egyptian post posted a while ago.



  1. Elie

    Funniest people are those who “talk” to famous people in their status, like: RIP steve (they know him on first name basis), you were a true genius…. or Messi you shouldn’t have done that in the last game, i disagree with the way you handled bla bla..
    who the hell are you talking to?? 😀

    • Mariam

      What about the mommies who put to many picture of their kids. Like we don’t need to see every move 😂

  2. Diana

    A pic that’s supposed to be that of a dish or drink but somehow the Piguet or Panerai watch is standing right in the middle of the photo?

    A ‘happy wedding anniversary my love’ when the husband isn’t even on facebook 🙂

    #Throwback to Goa# so whoever missed the earlier pics sees them now.

    A ‘Happy birthday my love’ wish to hubby with their wedding pic when they’ve been married for 6 yrs!

  3. Anonymous

    The annoying guy/girl that goes crazy posting graduation quotes and pics before and after graduating. And then 1 year later posts again with throwback hashtag 😑 BLOCK

  4. K.a

    You’re a big attention seeker as well. Just in follow whoever you want and stop judging people by their Facebook pages. Seems you have nothing to do in life but write silly articles like these.

  5. Menaribo

    The Never-Ending Trip

    It’s those people who travel for a week to Europe and keep posting photos all year long.

  6. Tina Adieh

    Those who are always telling their spouses how much they love them. Really? You can’t just roll over and tell them?

  7. Tony Bakhaazi

    – People who post “Lebanon the beautiful” photos: When we have no electricity, no president, no security, no freedom of expression, and yet we brag about how beautiful our country is. Stop inviting people to our country when it is a mess, and make sure it is as real as the pictures. Yes, the nightlife is great but would you invite guests to your house for a party if it is messy? Stop being in denial about it and don’t kid yourself…or others ! We are all proud of Lebanon, but we should not be proud of the mess we are in…
    – People who post religious pictures and quotes (We know you are religious and we respect your beliefs, but please don’t shove them down our throats. Everyone has other beliefs, so please understand that unless you are absolutely sure yours are the only right ones, keep it to yourself. Facebook is not a shrine!
    – People who post political pictures/posts: see “people who post religious posts”…
    – People who post pictures of their kids almost everyday; we get it! Your kids are cute and you are proud of them, but they are YOUR kids; we do not want to see their pictures unless it’s a birthday, ceremony, or if they are missing…
    – People quoting other people’s quotes; unless it is funny, we will find those inspirational quotes when we need them.
    – People who post those “You are a Genius if you can solve this” problems. Trust us, they are NOT that hard; you are just making less intelligent people feel stupid when all their friends can guess the problem and not them. Besides, you can find the answer by reading the comments, so how can you really tell who solved what?? You want to post a REAL problem? Make it actually challenging…
    – People who post old pictures of Lebanon. Again, we get it, we HAD a history, just like every other country in the world; the only difference, they have actually moved on and are moving forward, not reminiscing about old times like we are stuck in time.
    – People who keep adding to their “our last trip” album, or “birthday photos” album: please post it once and leave it alone! Also keep the pictures to the essential things. We love that you are sharing your memories, but 14 pictures in front of the Eiffel Tower are 13 pictures too many! And we know you love each other as a couple, so please keep those pictures to your own private album.
    – People who post pictures of food with a backdrop of a nice view. You are not the first one to do this; please google “Lebanon Food” then click images; Facebook is not Google.

  8. firashelou

    The worst are those who write captions on for example a washing dishes or laying ln bed. But to add, there is those who upload pic of a relative (baba, mama, le bro, l teta …. ) And wishes for them a happy birthday ! Wlak ma ya habile ent wiie b nafs l bet fik t2ello yeha b wejjo 😂 !
    For the record, i am none of the above but the writer has a problem too which is maybe he checks his facebook too much and curse too much 😂

  9. Della

    No need to categorize. People like you should just block everyone wray7o rasskon! Then, just read your own posts and see your own pictures!

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