Mawtoura Parking tickets.

Christmas is around the corner and christmas shopping is upon us. Malls are getting busier by the minute and their parking garages are getting crammed with our salon German cars and oversized American SUVs.

Sometimes you spend one hour, driving in circles, because some “Mawtoureen” and “Mawtourat” decided to park their Porsche Panamera’s and Chevrolet Tahoe’s obliquely occupying 2 parking spots (and sometimes 3), not giving a single f*ck about others.

And since we don’t have parking police circling the garage, giving parking tickets to those A-holes,  “Mawtoura” decided to let these people feel ashamed of what they’ve done. We present you “Mawtoura parking tickets”  that you can print and use on any violating car. We’d be happy if you take a photo of that car and send it to us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

Choose your favorite ticket(s) and print them.

1.The egocentric.


2. The one who bought the driving license.


3. The sukleen


4.The shopper


5. The bitch


6.The princess




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