8 Facts about the “second lady” Rita Karkafi.

Mr. Sleiman Frangieh is not president yet. Rima Karkafi is not first lady yet. Rita Karkafi, her sister, is acting like it though, on twitter. As usual, the Mawtoura team digs up facts and here are 8 facts we learned about Rita from her twitter account.

Note that this post is not against Mr. Frangieh or his wife, nor it’s against Rita. Rita is just another example of many other Lebanese people who still believe politicians are higher degree human beings who should be served and not the opposite.

Fact 1

Shes’s the sister of the second wife of a Beik who is a son of a Beik who is a son of a Beik who is a son of a Beik who is a nephew of Ramsis who is the cousin of Ashtarout. Now serve me peasant!


Fact 2

She likes to rub it IN YO FACE BIYATCH.

Fact 3

Elijah is her BFF. Oh My Gahd, let’s go get some new shoes.


Fact 4

She loves Assad family and she expresses her love like Najwa Karam.


Fact 5

Wait, no, she’s in love with Putin.


Fact 6

Consciousness, Enlightened beings, Sheep and Shepherds… Mariam Nour is that you?

Fact 7

She still takes pics with her Nokia 6110.


Fact 8

“7aké”. Thank you google translate (or May Hariri).





  1. Ramez

    You are all making so much fuss about Rita’s hacked account.
    I know for a fact she could never permit herself to write in this manner.
    Pls stop villifying this person who is not/not what you think or imply she is.

  2. Imad saade

    Awal chi da2ayto bel echya el mou2adase w hene bya3erfo ye5do 7a2on b idon w tene chi de2ayto bel 3abed el saleh yale sormeyto achraf men kel mojtama3kon.
    Fa plz ya mawtourin ma b7ayetkon 7a te2edro t2asro 3a cha5es mo2men w mahma 3melto imeno ma byetza7za7.
    Fa el set rita achraf ensen 3a wej hal ared w moujtama3kon el wose5 ma b7ayeto mostawe 7a ye3la ta el 3alam tred 3laykon.

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