4 Types of Lebanese Moms on Facebook


If you mom is on Facebook, she most probably fits in one of those 4 types!

1. The “Ghost” mom

She doesn’t have any personal photos on her Facebook. Her profile photo is your graduation pic. Her cover photo is your sister’s engagement pic. Her job is to go to your profile, save all your pictures and repost them on her timeline with captions ranging from “Sheikh el shabeb” to “To2borni tizak”. Don’t get shocked if she pulled out her old photo albums, took a blurry photo of your baptism or circumcision ceremony and post it on FB. Now we all know you have a micro penis. Sorry bro.


2. The “Commenter without borders” mom

She could have been a “Ghost” mom but she doesn’t know how to post a photo to Facebook, apparently because you didn’t teach her how to. You’re smart btw. Nonetheless, you feel like that she’s checking your profile all day long waiting for you to post something so she can like it and comment on it 15 times. She probably doesn’t know how to edit her comment if she made a typo so expect comments like this:


3. The “find a bride” mom

Yes people. They exist. This mom’s only goal is to find a bride for her son. She goes to your profile, tracks who liked and commented on your photos, clicks on each and every profile of them, then clicks on each and every photo in that profile. Expect a call at night asking you: “Meen Maya? Mbayni shlekké.” or “Celine 7elwi ya mom, 3azba?”

4. The “Sawt el Damir” mom.

She’s probably a member of some religious association like “akhawiyyat el 7abal bila danass”. All her posts on fb are pictures of saints, churches, or religious quotes. Be careful when you close that pornhub.com tab in your browser, “Mar Istfen” might pop up on your timeline to judge you.


Let us know which one is your mom!



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