8 funny tweets about May Chidiac’s sad tweet.

I’m going to skip the whole part where I condemn what she said on twitter (photo attached) about the sad incident that took place in Gemmayze a few days ago, and go straight to the 8 funniest tweets about it.

Her tweet


The replies

1. Fekra.


2. A new catch line is born.


3. Well having two douchebags is better than having one.


4. Are you blocked yet?


5. The mean Game of Thrones joke.


6. #HateWins


7. Haifa Wehbe would be devastated.


8. “Kil wa7ad yes-har bi mante2to w bi2to, ok?”


And our tweet.




  1. Nathalie abi hamad

    I wonder if anyone else had been through what May Chidiac has been through, wouldn’t they also be as bitter? Isn’t it better to spread love when you are faced with hate? Are the people attacking her any better than she is?

    • LesBloggers

      Dear Nathalie,

      May has been through a lot and we are all compassionate with what happened to her. However, there’s a thin line between being bitter and being sectarian and spreading hateful tweets against another religion. The attempt to assassinate her was not because she’s Christian and we still don’t know if the people who did it are Muslims or Christians or atheists. In all cases, she was not assassinated because of her religion. People like her have the option and power to start spreading love not the opposite. She didn’t even apologize for what she wrote.

      She can be bitter as much as she likes but when she starts spreading unjustified hate, then everyone would jump her ass.


    • Bob Nass

      Dear Nathalie,

      i used to respect this woman before but not anymore, i will never respect someone who go on screen and media and try as much as possible to spread hate between all the Lebanese…she’s a pure B who get monthly salary to talk shit.

  2. Christian Bitar

    If these are her actual tweets, then yes, she is one who should be spreading love and not hate… no matter what she went through. She should apologize and I think she will.

  3. rabih

    May chidiak can tweet whatever she wants, it’s not like she has any actual credibility or popularity to pass her thoughts around.

  4. suce et resuce

    She said nothing wrong
    Do you think a christian or a sunni or whatever would chase someone in dahye?
    too much sle7 felted, this time it was tarek but don t forget you ve got 50,000 chia with RPGs

    • LesBloggers

      The murderer should be condemned because of his murder regardless of his religious background or where the murder took place. While Tarek yatim (the murderer) is Christian, a May willingly accused the shi3a in a hateful way. If you think what she said is not wrong, we have a problem.

    • Mortada

      Do you really think that Tarek Yatim is a Hizbollah member? If tarek yatim was chrisitian do you really think that Lebanese forces or tayyar or any other party will be responsible about his acts?
      instead of appreciating those who are indirectly defending your country and your pubs and your “life to live” from ISIS; you are attacking them.. i hope that Hizbollah let ISIS gets one day into your towns and let them do whatever they usually do with women and men.. let me see how would you defend yohr self then.. Tarek Yatim is neither mulsim nor christian.. he is a fukcing bastard who deserves to die the same way he killed Goerge..
      Ana b7ess lezem te5od shwai men sam may chediak w t5ale ma3ak teriak.. a7san ma shi nhar te2tlak b samma.. poor people!!

  5. Mahmoud Kambris

    When I saw this tweet, I felt that the point was that Christians tend to fight internally while other religious groups in Lebanon are usually involved in fights outside their community. This does not necessarily mean that she is calling for a fight a against muslims. It can surely be analyzed as such, but I believe that jumping to this conclusion is pretty judgmental.

    Let us instead remember that May Chidiac is a hero and a fighter for freedom and hope in Lebanon. This is what we know for sure about her. Analyzing tweets and jokes about tweets concerning the contents of her mind is pretty unfair.

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