A flowchart to help you decide if you should watch “Hayda Haki”.

When it started in May 2013, “Hayda Haki” was promised to be the Lebanese version of the Egyptian show, “Al Bernameg” hosted by the genius Bassem Youssef. That promise didn’t seem out of reach back then, especially that the team behind the show and mainly the writer/director Nasser Fakih brought us the successful “La youmal” and “Ma Fi Metlo” (Not so much anymore).

Unfortunately and 2 years later, the result is disastrous. The host, Adel Karam, is “acting” 120% of the time, the audience is forced to laugh every 5 milliseconds, the lack of research for each episode is sad, and the joke stealing is on fire. (I wasn’t particularly shocked when Nasser Fakih stole a photo I have previously did and tweeted it as his. And of course, he blocked me as well. Photo at the bottom of the post). He previously stole a flowchart done by Karl Sharro and featured it on the show as his as well.

If you’re still debating whether you should watch the show or not, Mawtoura has prepared a flowchart that will help you make a decision.




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