Mawtoura apologizes to “Peter Semaan” and “Yasmina”.


As you might have noticed, the new real tv show, “The sisters”, started airing on LBC (the Khaliji one). Yes, I have watched the first 10 minutes, and yes it’s crap as many people and bloggers hinted at.

The three sisters are spoiled brats who struggle to complete one sentence without a single mistake. And no, the Kardashians have more going on in their lives than them. Anyway, the scenes are overly staged and fake to a point that you find Peter Semaan’s acting natural and realize “Yasmina” should have won the Emmy’s.

Peter, and Yasmina, I’m so sorry for every time I criticized your performances or your shows.

MawtouraMeter: 2 out of 7.


Here’s the youtube video of the first episode for those who have too much time on their hands.



  1. Thoughts In a Bubble

    These sisters should stop claiming that they are the Kardashian of Lebanon. the Kardashians are very natural and real, and their show is actually REAL. The director of The Sisters is so stupid. I watched the 1st 10 mins of the episode. There were a lot of mistakes. 1- she didn’t notice the phone is ringing but the camera man did. 2- she didn’t notice that the car is running out of fuel but the camera man did. 3- she insulted a man infront of the camera and he was fine with it. I don’t get how this is called a Reality show. I am not sure what other mistakes were done cause i couldn’t stand the show. The director should research more how Reality series should be. They are fake, spoiled, lifeless and stupid. I am sorry if this how the image of Lebanese women is represented.

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