Abla Fahita will be in Beirut this Saturday!

The Lebanese Association for Plastic Arts, “Ashkal Alwan” is a non-profit organization based in Jisr el Wati, Beirut.  They are organizing a forum on Arabic language and Social media on February 26, 27 and 28. You can check the full schedule here.


On February 28, they are hosting the famous Egyptian puppet, “Abla Fahita” for a show at 8:30 P.M. Abla Fahita is one my favorite satirical youtube/tv characters. She had a “Fawazir” show last Ramadan, as well as she appeared with the renowned Bassem Youssef (Link here), and had a commercial on TV for Vodafone Egypt (link here). Probably, you recognize her from the amazing “Ma yestahloushi” song by the beloved Hassan Shafei. (Youtube video below). At some point, she was accused to be politically affiliated with the Muslim Brothehood in Egypt.

Here’s a compilation of some of her funny tweets, videos and her Music video with Shafei.

10930082_384652538372356_3705191929667376135_n 10929003_387028084801468_391795441781561271_n 10882301_382107718626838_2754563228698591620_n 10391411_403158263188450_5280970239708374328_n


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