Is it okay to portray “God” in a Caricature, but not his Prophet?

I literally don’t know the answer and I hope that someone, with knowledge, can answer the question.

200803122 cartoon0902 god-pope-technology-cartoon-598x480 steve-jobs-cartoon-10-18-11



  1. kareem

    Well i think that portraying God in a caricature or in any other figurative way is not acceptable, but billions of people believe in God (mainly the abrahamic religions) so its the duty of all of those believers to speak up against it, not just the muslims.

  2. kareem

    Muslims aren’t okay with God being ridiculed but the same God is shared with other religions, so it is less than a direct offense to Islam as a religion. However when the prophet is attacked this narrows it down to just muslims.

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