Carole Samaha’s new video in few words.

Few days ago, Carole Samaha released a new music video featuring her new song entitled “Al sharq el 3azim” (The great Orient /middle east). The song, which I did not personally like at all, supposedly tackles the recent situation of the Middle East.

The music video, however, is inspired by “Lord of the rings” and “Games of Thrones”, with an added effect from “300”. I really don’t get why would someone choose such a theme for a music video that targets the Middle East situation.

Carole’s two main looks reminded me of “Saruman” from Lord of the Rings, and “Khal Drogo” in Games of thrones.drogodrogo2


On a scale from “Syrian Commercial” to “Fekra masru2a akid”, I give this VC a 3/7 (Bala Ta3mé).




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