11 types of facebook commenters on Mia Khalifa’s photos

While I was working on a research paper the other day and checking scientific articles on Facebook, I came across Mia Khalifa’s profile photos BY MISTAKE. I guess everyone else came across Mia’s profile by mistake, just like me.  Ten minutes later, I found myself sipping a hot cocoa, and reading the few thousands comments on her pics. And here are 11 types of commenters I have stumbled upon.

WARNING: this post contains genitalia. 

1- The haters (and busterds) of course who happen to support ISIS


2- The Priest ya shar….


3- The micro-penis Lebanese “Fa7el”


4- The guy who supports local products


5- The confused guy


6- The gays of course


7- And the lesbians.


8- The Lebanese racist


9- the Teenage fan who just discovered masturbation


10- The Najwa Karam


11- THIS



    • Massoudji

      Just leave her alone, she is free to do whatever she want, who the hell are you to be judging people like that, she is doing it on tv, but i bet most of you do it under the table you bunch of hypocrites!!

  1. Anastasia

    Ralph! I was just doing the same! BY MISTAKE 🙂 😛 and i felt really shocked and disgusted about the low level of comments and the cheap way of how people are talking! Is it really worth expressing yourself this much and wasting so much energy?I mean does this really touch people on a personal level? What a waste of time and what a silly society! I am definitely not defending her in this case but this is really stupid.

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    • LesBloggers

      No I wont. Her profile is public and the comments are public as well. Hence, im free to use them and keep the names. If anyone is ashamed of his opinion, he shouldnt comment on a public post. Thanks.

  3. iman

    #9: The teenage who just discovered maturation could also be “The old creep who just discovered facebook” (Who possibly doesn’t know that everyone can see his comments, or who actually believes that Mia is actually gonna read them :p)

  4. m.rif

    Hey, i don’t find your article interesting at all. You are beeing judgemental of what people say, and up till now i have not seen anything remolty interesting on your blog so i must assume that this is a hobby of yours. Plus according to the terms and conditions of the usage of facebook, the comments you used are not a violation of privecy but yet again you are an unexpirianced blogger what can the people expect more then a midiocare blog. So at least be professional and ask for permission…and lol your on .wordpress.com hahaha amature!

  5. Shocked

    Ufff so many dirty mouthed haters in our country who just can’t let people be. Everyone thinks they are better than Mia but just look at the way they talk about her. I bet half of the ppl on this and other blogs who lashed out at her probably cheated on their significant others in some way or another, stole some way or another, committed a shameful act someway or another or even fucked people over one way or another (maybe even out of pure intention). We hold our heads high thinking we are better than than others, yet, with every day that passes by we try to find a way to screw people over or outsmart anyone that crosses our path. I can believe that this had gotten more attention that ISIS, an absence a president, the fact that we pay 2 electricity bills, 2 water bills, corruption and much more. No wonder we have become such a messed up country. We just keep going in a never ending downward spiral..

  6. chev

    Ali Jamal’s comment tho…
    The only people that “ma byefhamo” are the religious people,religion is cancer that does nothing good and only spreads hatred.

  7. Kamal

    dear haters, with your nonsense comments, you exposed your UN-Educated Minds, by once more, embarrassing yourselves, & your country’s support to another Lebanese figure who literally came out of a wormhole filled with the Lebanese bullshit that just keeps on destroying peoples ambitions to be different than you. How do you want the world to see Lebanon as the Switzerland of the middle east, when you keep damaging its image with your crappy and narrow minded comments, and unsupportive attitude. as to all those women out there who just cant stop gossiping crap about mia, by seeing many men getting attracted by Mia, why don’t you just get out of that box, and make a change in your relationships to keep your men in your own beds? If you dont like what you see, either adapt for your better well being, or just close that window with the BIG RED X, at the top right, & move on.

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