The top 10 “stupidest” shows on Lebanese channels in 2014.

N.B. Kindly note that the list does not include any show from Tele Liban, Al Manar, NBN, or Tele Lumiere, because…come on!! Anyway, here are my top 10 most useless shows of 2014.

10. Throw in some screaming, ugly songs, a deaf host, a cow or two, and you get Ali El Deek’s “Ghannili ta ghannilak” on Al Jadeed.


9. Number 9 goes to Toni Baroud’s “Ahla Jalse” on LBCI. Guests gather at a round table to only tell funny stories that happened with them, NOTHING ELSE! Boring guests even have to create stories.


8. Three scandal-specialized shows share the 8th position: “Al Motahham” with Farha w Marha on LBCI, “Bala Teshfir” with Tammam Bleik on Al Jadeed, and “1544” with Toni Khalifi on MTV. The shows’ material is useless and makes no sense what so ever. Period. Is that Mickey mouse holding a dildo?


7. The supposedly funny show “Erbit ten7al” on Al Jadeed takes up the 7th place. On top of being uber stupid and obviously biased to march 8th, you watch the whole show without a single laugh.


6. “11 years old and pregnant from her dead”, “arose from the dead after 3 years”, “Mother-in-law watches her son and wife having sex” are only a sample of “Ahmar Bil Khat el Areed” on LBCI. A well deserved number 6.


5. Number 5 goes to “Tayta Latifé”. Apart from the fact that she’s actually tayta “sa2ilé”, her guest-cooks prepare “dorm room” dishes like pasta and tomato sauce, french fries or scrambled eggs.


4. Actually, all OTV shows are useless…. And Future as well. (so I don’t upset 8 march supporters)


3. Political shows: “Kalam el nas”, “Al osbou3 bi sa3a”, “Bi Mawdou3iya”, and co. The content, the interviews, the questions and the answers are absolutely useless. Guests keep fighting for hours about topics that doesn’t even reflect on or affect the Lebanese people daily life. Once the episode ends, you can’t even remember what they said.


2. At number 2, the “News”, yes the “news” is useless… You know why? because of the number 1 show on this list. It makes watching the news redundant, and unnecessary.


1. “Layla Abdel el Latif”’s Al tarikh yashhad. A well deserved number 1. Layla knows everything about everyone and can tell you what’s gonna happen now and tomorrow and in year 2200. So why watch the news? right? #FAIL




  1. Sebouh Akharjalian

    I totally agree with this blogger. The rapid deterioration of the quality of these shows including the Lebanese local news is a clear reflection on the ills of the Lebanese overall society. These useless spectator shows makes people passive and less active into cultural and political issues that are vital for any meaningful change in our current consumerist based driven societies. Of course, this phenomenon is not in anyway restricted to Lebanon, but now encompasses the entire Arab world.


  2. amorethoxin

    I did not see a single smart, funny or useful comment in your post about these shows. You’re just trashing them with words like stupid, useless, sa2ileh, boring, etc. That’s lame and boring, almost as much as the shows you’re criticizing. Try being more creative.

  3. J

    Although I do agree that Lebanese media is going right down the sewers for the most part, you could’ve criticised the shows in a smarter, more analytic and constructive way. And I think it’s good to remember that Lebanese media ( although I don’t think it’s right) lowers itself to the viewers level. When people will demand smarter shows, smarter shows will be created.

  4. Lebanese abroad

    The fact that you watch these channels hoping that you find something good kinda of negates your opinion altogether. And the fact that you mentioned the different political streams in Lebanon makes your content as bad if not worse than the shows you mention.

  5. nancy

    ، دخلك شو بيقربوك داعش؟ لا بتحب برامج الموسيقى لا برامج الضحك والنكت لا برامج الجدية لا حتى الاخبار لانو الموذيعات سكسي! وعلى فكرة ولا برنامج قدرت تقنعني ليه بايخ! الشغلة الوحدة الي قنعتني فيها هي انك انتا البايخ

  6. Edmond

    I wish we had a cultural station like ARTE France. But I think I’m expecting a lot….actually Lebanese people deserve these types of shows!

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