Dear Lebanese movies, stop begging for audience.

“Ta3ou 7darouna… ta3ou 7darouna… Allah ykhallikon ta3o… Allah ykhallikon ahlkon shtrou ticket… yer7am mawtekon shaj3ouna…”. That’s how I perceive the majority (not all) of the Lebanese movies advertisements on tv. They make you feel like it’s a national duty to go watch the movie and if you don’t take 10 friends with you, you will get 7 years of bad luck.


What bugs me is that, instead of just playing the trailer, they interview people coming out of the theater, and they employ a voice-over that delivers messages like: “100,000 people have watched it so far, chu natir?”, “shaj3o el film el lebnéné!”, “D3amo el intej el watani”, “Mneshkerkon”, etc, etc…

Don’t get me wrong, I am all for the idea of encouraging the lebanese film production industry. I couldn’t be happier when I see lebanese movies in the international film festivals. However, do you think that this advertising strategy would actually make people go watch a movie despite the bad, and sometimes crappy, quality of it?


All you need to do is to produce decent movies, made out of decent scripts, directed by visionary directors. Whether the film is destined for Cannes, a chick-flick or a popcorn movie, if the product is good enough, it’ll reel audience without any additional effort. Let us go watch the movie because we want to.

Anyway, some of the previously released movies were really good and my calendar is looking busy for the coming few weeks with many Lebanese movies I want to watch. Let’s see how they turn out.



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