Lebanese entertainment shows hits and misses in 2016


It is time, ladies and gentlemen, to lay down the final judgment on this year entertainment shows on Lebanese channels.

After a survey conducted over a long period (15 minutes), involving thousands of people (me), we got the final results. Here are the hits and misses of 2016, in my opinion.

Best (not necessarily in order)

1. Lahon w Bas (LBC)

The whole show works. Hisham and Jad make a perfect duo on screen, due to their off-screen friendship, natural sense of humor, and good stand-up comedy skills. Guests seem to enjoy the interview and Hisham always succeeds in making them feel home, shedding the light on their cute and funny side. I even enjoyed Maguy Bou Ghosn’s interview.


2. Menna w Jerr (MTV)

I love this show. Pierre Rabbat is probably “the” guy you go to when you want to buy a format and execute it in Lebanon. The co-hosts are doing their jobs right, especially Mona Saliba and Rola kaady. I even enjoy Ghassan Rahbani’s lame jokes. But the real star of the show is probably Elie Sleiman.


3.Hayda Taba3 el akhbar (Al Jadeed)

When smart meets funny. This show is basically a history-politics class delivered with smart humor and extensive research put into each and every episode.


4.Metl al amar and Amir el Leil (MTV and LBC)

Yes, they are crappy series, full of mistakes, bad acting, and lame storylines, but hey, that’s what makes them GREAT entertainment shows! Thank you for making 2016 enjoyable.



1. Bala Teshfir (Al Jadeed)

Tammam Bleik should be banned from TV. His questions and interviewing approach stopped being interesting in 1992. Regarding his guests, eskot ya lsani…


2.Hayda Haki (MTV)

Adel Karam is a great actor, but he failed as a late night show host. Successful hosts might suck in acting as well. Maybe it’s time to take a break. Even the new additions, Adele and co, couldn’t save the show from sinking into a lame 2-hour trip.


3. Basmat Watan (the new format)

Copying Abla Fahita was not a smart move. The old format was better, wittier and funnier. While doma kratiyé, created by the same person, is brilliant, Basmat watan fails to deliver this season, let alone the racist jokes.


4. Take me out Na2ashit (LBC)

The show’s idea is not bad itself. I find it entertaining. The execution however, is disastrous. Sexual jokes stopped being funny in 2002. Sexism is not funny. The staged performances of Fouad Yammine, the girls, and the guys are ridiculous.


Choose wisely.



Level 1: Nabih Berri

You have been in this relationship for years and you will alway be, no matter what.


Level 2: Saad Hariri

You live here and he lives abroad. He always promises you that he’s coming back for good, but every time he visits, his boss calls him and asks him to come back.


Level 3: Aoun and Nasrallah

You are both emotionally committed to one another, but are both free to sleep with other people. Usually, it ends up with a break up.



Level 4: Hariri and Frangieh

You both don’t know how you got here, but you also know it will come to an end at some point.



Level 5: Geagea and Aoun

You probably discovered that he’s having an affair, so you decided to have one of your own with his archenemy, i.e. Rebound.



Level 6: The Lebanese Parliament

You are basically friends. You go out in public together and you like the same activities. Sometimes, it’s a colleague of yours at work.  But you occasionally meet for sex, goalless sex.


Level 7: Tawlit el 7iwar

You’re not friends but you still meet, on occasions, to f*ck. Usually, nothing good or useful comes out of it. Well, one thing comes… at least.



Level 8: Lebanese President.

You’re single AF. Your love life in non-existent. Sorry bro.